About us

Company Euro-Unit Montenegro Ltd. is part of the Euro-Unit Group, which is the leading company for sale of musical instruments and professional audio equipment in this part of Europe. Our company started working in Montenegro in 2007, and today we also do business in neighbouring countries, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Albania. Euro-Unit Montenegro deals with sales, equipment and maintenance of professional audio equipment and musical instruments, renting instruments and equipment for concerts, conferences and similar events, as well as designing, installing and maintaining audio-video systems for all types of business premises, public institutions, schools, cafes, clubs, as well as conference systems.

Euro Unit Montenegro operates through three key segments:

Retail – In our shop we have a permanent offer of various equipment and musical instruments of a large number of manufacturers. Our products are highly renowned on the Montenegrin market based on the variety and quality of goods, and prices are in the range of the lowest European standards.

System design & integration – Through our independent projects and in cooperation with various partners, architectural studios and contractors, we have implemented a large number of professional projects of audio/conference and multimedia systems until now. The success, quality and sustainability of our projects make designing one of the most important segments of our business, by which we have earned great trust of our clients.

Wholesale – This is the segment in which we have achieved a significant increase in recent years thanks to the growing list of partners we represent, not only on our market but also in the region. We can boast of our own brands, created at the group level, which we used to expand the offer on the market and thus achieve a competitive range of products in line with market needs.

Our modern approach to business and years of experience in the music industry are the foundations for creating our offers based on the close tracking of market requirements. In the largest exhibition and sales space of musical instruments in Montenegro you can find all the instruments you need such as first-class acoustic, bass, electric and classical guitars, grand pianos, synthesizers, workstation keyboards, arrangers and drums, amplifiers, HiFi, DJ and studio equipment etc.

Musicians and buyers can find in our store musical instruments and equipment of the world’s leading brands such as Yamaha, Fender, Gibson, Epiphone, FBT, Beyerdynamic, Sennheiser, AKG, Audio-Technica, etc.

Prominent musicians have the opportunity to upgrade their instruments with the highest quality and latest ultramodern equipment and technology. Music beginners and all other stakeholders are offered the opportunity to try out any product of interest on the spot, as well as to seek advice from our professional merchants about the best and most favourable options for them. Our employees are also excellent musicians and they are here to offer you guidance on finding and choosing the right instrument, sound system or equipment, and provide you with the best advice regarding any doubts you might have.

Euro-Unit Montenegro is a recognized and reliable partner to Montenegrin public institutions, international institutions and diplomatic missions, as well as to many other relevant institutions in the country like private media houses, radio stations and other business entities in the country.

As a socially responsible company, we are dedicated to the support and development of culture and music, and youth empowerment in Montenegro, which we have shown through the support of various events that we continue to support every day.

Music is the food of love! Visit us and together we can try and challenge your musical skills and arts!